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We transform your financial decision-making by allowing you to obtain pertinent insights from both the web as well as your internal data, and letting you personalize and automate your research workflows.

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Photon Insights is a
360 degree research tool, for monitoring companies, topics and unearthing insights from your custom data plus across the web
It is burdensome to process large sets of information, but it doesn’t have to be. We allow you to quickly uncover and track insights from various sources including news and media, financials, audio/video data, and more. We carefully developed our proprietary Machine Learning technologies so that you will obtain insights to super-charge your decision making and save countless hours!
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Why Photon Insights?
Photon Insights provides the end-user with salient insights (including summarizations, early warnings and trend analysis) by leveraging the power of generative AI, and we also let you map back to the original sources for full context. With our numerous product offerings and simple user interface, we allow you to efficiently surface the relevant information you need for effective decision making.
Instant Insights
We are constantly scouring the web and generating up-to-date insights, so that users can stay on top of all their relevant topics. Additionally, our chatbot is in realtime, and our DocuInsights are completed within minutes - with Photon, we encourage you to be impatient!
Quality Information
Photon allows the user the ability to filter between sources of relevance (or upload their custom data) and effectively control the input from which we perform machine learning and dimensionality reduction - Photon provides insights only from the appropriate data.
Time Saving
Rather than reading through 1000s of articles and media, we do it for you, saving many hours every day for anyone who has to perform research. Photon strives to make businesses hyper-efficient, allowing them to more quickly and effectively make decisions.

Efficiently perform research

Ask questions while specifying the desired data sources (both from the web and internal) to efficiently obtain answers with citations to any of your questions.
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We are AI engineers, thinkers, and champions who are passionate about the potential of NLP and Machine Learning to make our world a better place.