Photon Diligence Suite

Ease your investment decision making process by automating research reports.

What is the Diligence Suite?
We automate your diligence report curation for your equities. both public and private, of interest - generate reports based on the data you want, both from curated web sources or internal/business applications.
With this suite, your tedious investment memo generation process will become as easy as a button click and can be customized to address your exact pain points.
How it Works
User-friendly flow to seamlessly generate custom templates and produce reports.

Step 1

Create Templates
Choose what you want to see in your diligence report, and which sources you want to see them from.

Step 2

Add Companies
Enter your companies of interest, and select a template. Sit back and wait a few minutes, powered by our proprietary AI, you'll have an awesome report!
Powerful Feature Benefits
With the report generation suite, users can supercharge their research process.
Highly Customizable (Internal & External Data)

Parameterizable data source and timeframe specification, from both internal and external information, fine grained user control to automate workflows.

With the diligence suite, users can finetune their reports perfectly to their preferences, whether it be which data to use, which categories to include, and more.

Multiple Unique Templates

Create multiple unique templates for different categories of companies, such as public sector, private entities, micro-cap and more.

With respect to templates, users can specify exactly what attributes they want. For instance they can ask whether the company is facing risks with data privacy.

Editable and Shareable

Download the report in a myriad of formats, including pdf and as an editable word doc, and share documents to appropriate parties.

Also included is a white labeling option, where you can mass share the reports (having your customized branding) with your clients.

Automate Your Diligence
Comprehensively research a company in minutes.
Time Saving

Creating reports that would normally take days requires only the click of a button.


Photon reduces the inevitable human error and surfaces signals hidden in data.


With the immense ease of report creations, analysts are freed up to do more essential tasks.

Precise Reports

Your memos will be curated to your specific preferences.

See a Sample Diligence Report Now

Note this report is highly customizable to your preferences

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