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Perform quick customizable search for your desired queries with citations.

What is Photon Live?
A next generation search capability - perform quick snapshot research to obtain real time intel, get instant insights on facets of information you need to know on companies, trends, customers right before a meeting, etc.
Rather than going through website by website, Photon pours through the relevant portions of the internet for you and tells you what you want to know in a distilled manner.
How it Works
As easy as typing in a search and pressing enter
1. Live QA
Enter your search, select your parameters (sources, timeframe), and get the Photon Insights of your search.
2. Instant Insights
Insights Mode provides deeper insights on the topic, i.e. for a Company see financials, sentiment, and more.
Powerful Feature Benefits
With Live, users can immediately get answers from the entire web to their queries
Tailored Intelligence: Customizable Source Selection

Photon Live improves your search capabilities with its highly customizable source selection feature, enabling you to access the most relevant data for your needs.

With Photon Live, you can be guaranteed of the quality of sources for your insights, whether from internal databases or specific external domains.

Live QA: Rapid Search

Photon Live revolutionizes the way you access information with its cutting-edge capability to scan through thousands of sources in mere seconds.

Photon Live delivers current insights in concise, relevant responses, ideal for last-minute meetings or deep-dive research.

Unlock Deeper Insights with Insights Mode

Insights mode offers deep understanding through rich analytics and metrics. With just a toggle to this advanced search, you can delve into specific areas like sentiment analysis, trend evaluation, financial assessments, and employee sentiments.

This range of metrics allows for a comprehensive 360 degree analysis of your companies and topics of interest.

Revolutionize Your Search
Parse through 1000s of articles in seconds
Accelerated Decision-Making

This immediate access to critical data saves you countless research.

Meeting-Ready Intelligence

Quick research snapshot to provide you context before meetings.

Instant Knowledge

Need to know something fast for a research topic? Just use Photon Live

Want To See Photon Live

Note search settings are highly customizable to your preferences

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