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Document Insights By Photon Insights

Have you ever wondered how easy things would get if you and your team could chat with your research documents or extract quick snapshot summarizations? If yes, then this article is for you. The AI-enabled Document Insights by Photon Insights is here to help you. 

As an investment banker my greatest fear is not having adequate & updated market analysis, I’m sure it is yours too. With AI-enabled data analytics, you have the power to interact and analyze your document. Let me break this up for you.

What is Document Insight?

Document insights by photon insights is a machine learning tool that learns the information. Here you can use your research documents, reports, or videos as input data and our AI tool will use advanced data analytics to provide you with detailed insights.

Let’s say you are researching for the top 10 startups to invest in 2024, you have all the data in a series of documents with which you & your team can offer a great pitch. But the documents themselves are lengthy and your team might struggle to understand the selling points.

First of all, you have to upload your research documents or reports in the document insight tool and the tool will analyze the data to provide you with crisp summaries, key insights, sentiment analysis, and more that covers all the main topics of the set of documents.

Document Insights-1

Document insights support multiple file type uploads, you can upload files of any format audio, video, pdf, URLs (both single and crawling entire websites), or text in any language. These insights can easily be shared with your team and other stakeholders who have shared access to your photon insight portal.

For example, we have uploaded a YouTube video of a lecture on Neural Networks. You will find two tabs on the right-hand side, “Overview” & “Chat”. Under the “Overview” tab, you’ll find a crisp yet detailed summary of the video, which is generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The advanced data analytics system also provides you with the sentiment analysis of the video based on the data (you’ll notice scientific lectures are generally highly neutral!).


Under the “Chat” tab, you can participate in intelligent chat with your documents. The system will act as an expert and answer your question with proper citations. In case the answer to any question is not available in the input data, then the chat function provides an option to search the web and get the solution.


Using our tagging functionality, you can also select multiple files (i.e. you can select all your machine learning lectures and ask questions across all the selected documents.



The main features of Document Insights by Photon Insights

  1. Summarization Algorithms:
    • Photon Insights employs advanced algorithms to automatically summarize lengthy documents. Say goodbye to manual reading; the platform distills essential information into concise summaries.
    • Users can choose to focus on specific sections or topics within a document, making it ideal for both quick overviews and in-depth analysis.
  2. Interactive Chat:
    • Imagine having a conversation with your documents! Photon Insights features an interactive chat that responds to queries based on the document’s content.
    • Ask questions, seek clarifications, and get coherent answers—all without leaving the platform.
  3. Semantic Search and Keyword Extraction:
    • Need to find specific information? Photon Insights allows semantic and keyword searches across your knowledge base.
    • Extract relevant keywords and themes effortlessly.
  4. Security and Source Mapping:
    • Photon Insights ensures top-notch security. Your documents remain confidential, and the platform doesn’t compromise sensitive data.
    • For context, users can map back to the sources, ensuring a holistic understanding.

Industries that can benefit from Document Insights by Photon Insights

  1. Financial Services:
    • Investment Research: Analysts can summarize financial reports, market trends, and news articles for informed investment decisions.
    • Risk Assessment: Evaluate risks associated with financial instruments and companies.
  2. Education and Academia:
    • Research Papers: Students and educators can quickly grasp scholarly articles and academic papers.
    • Lecture Preparation: Summarize textbooks and reference materials.
  3. Legal and Compliance:
    • Contract Review: Lawyers and legal professionals can quickly identify critical clauses, risks, and obligations within contracts.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about changing regulations by extracting relevant information from legal texts.
  4. Government and Public Policy:
    • Policy Documents: Understand complex policies, legislation, and government reports efficiently.
    • Decision-Making: Extract relevant information for informed decision-making.
  5. Marketing and Advertising:
    • Competitor Analysis: Marketers can stay ahead by understanding competitors’ strategies, campaigns, and market positioning.
    • Content Creation: Generate concise summaries for marketing collateral and social media content.
  6. Healthcare and Life Sciences:
    • Medical Literature: Researchers can extract key findings from medical journals, clinical studies, and patient records.
    • Drug Development: Analyze drug-related documents, patents, and research papers.
  7. Technology and Innovation:
    • Patent Analysis: Innovators can track patent filings, identify emerging technologies, and understand competitive landscapes.
    • Research and Development: Summarize scientific papers and technical documentation.

We often spend too much time researching and gathering facts or figures that could have been used in some other productive things. The revolutionary Document Insights by Photon Insights enables us to perform data gathering, analysis, and reporting efficiently. Irrespective of your profession and interest, this platform empowers you to navigate the sea of documents with ease. Explore Photon Insights today!

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