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Unveiling Company Insights by PHOTON INSIGHTS

Company Insights by Photon Insights

Are you still using traditional methods to analyze a company? Are you spending hours & days completing your reports, just to realize that the stats have been changed? Not anymore. 

With Company Insights you can do your research & update your reports anytime, anywhere, within a few seconds. Whether you are an analyst, investor, or stakeholder, this feature is the one that you dreamt of. 

Let’s unveil the Company Insights by PHOTON INSIGHTS & its game-changing features.

What is Company Insights?

Company Insights by Photon Insights is a web-based tool that helps you perform data analysis on the information that is fetched from a million sources across the web. This includes data from public & proprietary sources. Using this data Company Insights gives you an in-depth analysis of companies that you are looking for, their market trends, and product launches, what’s trending in the news as well as financial performance.

Competitive Market Analysis

With company insights, you can compare companies parallel to each other, In terms of industry trends, emerging technologies, market positioning, risks, strengths & weaknesses. This analysis is helpful if you are looking for future partnerships, exploring acquisition targets or just keeping an eye on your competitors.

Customizable Dashboard & Reporting

We know that every business has a different workflow & preference, therefore, to cater to this need Photon Insights has an option for customizable dashboards. Where you can add metrics and reports that interest your business needs. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can create your personalized dashboard in a few minutes and find relevant data about your target companies all in one place.

Photon insights also provide you the ability to generate and share your comprehensive reports with your team and stakeholders. Reports can also be customized to have visual data representation, data points, or a summary of the entire analysis.

Integrations and Workflow Automation

Photon Insights understands that you might be working around multiple tools & platforms in a complex corporate ecosystem. Therefore, we offer easy integration of our tool with multiple business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), automation platforms & data visualization tools.

You can increase your efficiency and productivity by integrating photon insights with your current workflow. You can work with updated data that will help you streamline your research and share it with your team.

Data Quality & Security

We understand the value of high quality & secure data. This is why Photon Insights use advanced techniques for clean data collection and provide you with their actual sources. You can easily verify the credibility of the information, ensuring that you always have accurate and reliable information to work with.

Photon Insights makes sure to follow high standards of data security & privacy. Every tool comes with high level data encryption & access controls adhering to complete data security so that you can continue creating helpful insights without worrying about data security.

What Makes Company Insights Unique?

Irrespective of the size of the business, Company Insights by Photon Insights provides you the ability to make informed decisions with the help of collected key insights, simplified data presentation, and risk analysis. The following are the key points,

Strategic Planning

You can plan out a complete strategy of approaching your target company by analyzing its competitors, and past and present industry trends. With company insights, you’ll have your target’s complete data including its financial analysis, and growth pattern. With this, you can always identify any upcoming opportunities or risks. 

Risk Assessment

You can find the detailed financial health analysis of a company in terms of yearly revenue, profit margins, or existing debts. With Company Insights you can easily understand the supply chains, regulatory compliance & operational challenges that your target company may or may not have.

Competitor Analysis

Company Insights allows you to compare your target’s performance with their competitors and helps you figure out the gaps or potential areas of improvement.

Investment Decisions

You can also find insights related to your target company’s recent acquisitions, partnerships, and how they have allocated their capital. So that you can understand their shortcomings & find opportunities.

Operational Efficiency

Find insights on how good the company is at managing its supply chain and inventory.

Consumer Insights

Get insights on consumer behavior patterns, buying habits, pain points & preferences. This insight will help you tailor personalized marketing strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Company insights also help you identify if the target business is in compliance with legal & ethical guidelines. This helps you avoid & analyze any unfortunate events.

Interested? Schedule a personalized demo today and get started with Company Insights by Photon Insights!

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